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5 New Large Styles in the Belle Madame range!

We’re expanding our Belle Madame range this year. Why? Because Belle Madame are one of the world’s best brands, and we love them!

First off the line is a new range of large size wigs from the Belle Madame range. The one thing we know about Belle Madame’s styles is that their average cap sizes are a little on the smaller side. Because of that some people are a little hesitant about Belle Madame, especially if they’re on the larger side of an average cap.

With that in mind, we’ve added some of these super popular Belle Madame large caps to give our customers more choice. They’re all stunning, and there’s sure to be something that tickles your fancy!

They are Ilona, Gina, Luisa, Marietta and Sonata. Each is different, each is special. Take a look and see which one you love!


Luisa Mono SF Large
Sonata SF Large
Gina SF Large
Marietta Mono SF Large
Ilona Mono SF Large
Click on the links above to see each style and to learn more!