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What is Blended Hair?

Blended hair is exactly what it says it is – hair that has been blended. Put simply, blended hair is a combination of high quality remi human hair and heat friendly synthetic fibres. There are several reasons for the blend, including:

  • Styling freedom – Blended hair is able to be styled with heat tools, like regular synthetics, but because there is a blend of human and heat friendly fibres the styling can be easier to manage due to the underlying structure of human hair.
  • Longevity – being blended with human hair, the heat friendly fibres will last longer than regular heat friendly fibres
  • Cost – because the pieces are not 100% remi human hair, they are less expensive than just human hair wigs, meaning you can save money and still look fabulous!

The Platinum Hair Line

At Wig Warrior, we are very particular about the human hair that we sell. Because of this, we are also very particular about blended hair, as it also incorporates human hair.

For this reason, we currently only stock one range of blended hair, and that’s the Platinum Hair Line by Belle Madame. Direct from the designers at Dening in Germany, Platinum Hair is a combination of ethically harvested remi human hair and highest quality heat friendly fibres. The result is a range of impeccable quality and style.

Some important things to note about caring for Platinum Fibres:

  • Every 3 – 4 weeks Platinum hair should be treated with a hair iron up to a maximum of 180c. For this treatment the hair must be in dry condition and without any heat protections applied. This treatment repairs and smoothes the surface of the hair. In particular, the proportion of synthetic hair is thereby smoothed. This must only be done in a dry state, and can easily be done at home with a hair straightener that has a thermostat.
  • Any products containing silicone should NOT be used on Platinum Hair Line styles. The silicone cover, which lays on the hair, complicates the transformation and smoothing of the synthetic hair. Using silicone products on the hair will make the smoothing impossible.