Shopping for your first wig can be very exciting, and terrifying, all at the same time! The difference is in how you approach it. Hair loss happens for various reasons, but whatever yours, all women who experience it have likely gone through the same, or similar, feelings to what you are feeling now.

Wigs and hairpieces allow us to find a newer version of ourselves – one that makes us feel incredible! It is amazing how putting on a perfect hairstyle can change your attitude and boost confidence in a way you may never have experienced before!

Where do I begin?

First thing – don’t panic! Take your time, look around, educate yourself. There are many resources out there at your disposal, so you don’t need to go in blind. Make sure you take a sensible approach to how you buy your first wig or hairpiece, and try not to feel daunted. Once you get the hang of it, it will become like second nature to you!

Below are a few hints that will help you on your first wig purchase.

  1. Choosing the right style

What is the right style for you? The short answer is, one you feel good in! However, when starting out, we would usually recommend that you find a style that mirrors your most recent or bio hair style reasonably closely. For example, if you have had short, dark hair in a pixie cut for the past 30 years, we wouldn’t recommend you go for a long curly blonde wig! There will be plenty of time in the future to venture into a new style, but for now, if you’re feeling daunted, look at styles that look like you as you feel most natural and comfortable.

2. Choosing the right colour

What will look best with my complexion? What looks most natural? If this is your first wig, then like your style we would recommend you stick to the colour you most recently had or is your natural bio colour, as this will make the transition smoother and make a change less jarring.  Once you are comfortable with wearing wigs, then the sky is the limit when it comes to colour… and there’s some really gorgeous ones out there to choose from!

Here at Wig Warrior we provide a full section about colours to help you make an educated choice about what will suit you best. Remember that colours will differ from wig to wig, due to the nature of their construction, and that what you see on the screen in a picture will not be identical to what you see in real life, but we have worked hard to give you as many resources as we can to help you make an educated choice.

And remember, if you end up with something a little lighter or darker than you thought, it’s not the end of the world! Wear that colour with pride, enjoy it, and chalk it up to the experience of trying something new and exciting!

3. Synthetic vs Human Hair

We have a whole section about this, as it’s a key question to answer when looking for a wig. There are positives and negatives for each, but the easiest decision will stem from your back pocket – if you’re on a limited budget, you’ll be looking for a synthetic style as your first wig or topper. Quality human hair will always be more expensive. Check out the ‘Synthetic vs Human Hair’ page for more info.

4. Accessories and Care – the essentials

When purchasing your first wig, you are making an investment in an item which is not cheap, and that you want to give you as much wear as possible. With this in  mind, always factor in the care and accessories you may need, such as a stand, some care products like shampoo and conditioner, and potentially other items like a wig cap or band, and styling products.

5. The fake question.. is everyone staring at me?

Buying a good quality, medical grade synthetic wig gives you a hair style that will always look like you stepped out of the salon.  If it is your first wig, you might feel like it looks fake and you. You may feel like it is just way too much hair, or you look silly and people will notice and laugh.  You may even feel this way with a human hair style, not because it does look ‘fake’, but just because it’s such a different experience. The truth is, it just looks different, and the vast majority of people won’t notice anything. Let’s be honest; 99% of the time we think everyone is staring at us when we do or wear something different, but in reality everybody is so busy thinking that about themselves they have no time to stare at you (and many men won’t even notice you’ve changed your hair at all, even if you shaved your head!!!)

The key is not to give up on it just because you or someone you know thinks it looks fake in the beginning.  Hang in there!  If it is on right, it will be beautiful! Just focus on all that lies ahead, the positivity you can enhance, and particularly on loving yourself, because, Warrior Woman, you are gorgeous!

6. Need help? Ask!

If you’re feeling completely lost an overwhelmed, don’t panic! Contact Wig Warrior and we would be happy to help you! Even if you just need a bit of moral support, we know what it’s like to buy your first wig (yes, we had to do it, too!), and we want your experience to be fun and exciting, not frightening! We’re here to help!

You may also ask friends and family for help in choosing something, but remember they may not look at your purchase in the same way, so be prepared for whatever they tell you or suggest. Make sure you are discerning about the advice you accept, remembering not all of it is always useful!

At the end of the day, you’re wearing it, so if it feels right, run with it!