Cap sizes can be one of the most difficult things to navigate when purchasing wigs, especially online. Often the description of ‘average’ doesn’t help, but seeing this word shouldn’t scare you – instead, find out what your cap size is and this will help you to determine which size of wig is right for you.

Time to Measure!!

The below chart is a great place to start with measuring and finding your size in wigs. While 90% of ladies will fit into an average wig size, you can’t tell just by looking in the mirror, so get those measuring tapes out and let’s see just what your cap size is!

The most important of these is the circumference, as this is the one referred to when purchasing wigs. If you fall between sizes, go with the sizing that will best accommodate your dimensions. Remember that our wigs are adjustable around the circumference by about an inch (2.5cm) in either direction, so that will allow you flexibility to get it right.

Remember, if you fall between sizes, you should probably go with the smaller size, though you can likely fit into both with some adjusting.

How to Measure Your Wig Size

Firstly, take a soft tape measure and measure from your front hairline, round to just above the ears, then round to where your neck bends, under the occipital bone, (also called the Bone of Knowledge!) – And then back round to the front hairline from where you started.

We would advise that if you are measuring on top of your natural hair, ensure it is as flat as possible to give you a more precise measurement. You may, for example, put on a wig cap, just as you would under the wig, to find the measurements you need.

But wait... there's more!

Measuring your head is the first part, and really important. But it is also really important to know the differences between wigs and wig construction. Here’s a couple of pointers that might be helpful:

  • Wigs that are hand tied will generally not stretch as much as open cap wigs – this is because the hand tied wigs are not designed for stretching, they are designed to fit snugly over the head.
  • Hand tied wigs are sometimes smaller than open cap wigs – again, due to the nature of hand tying, sometimes if you wear a petite in an open cap, you could wear an average in a hand tied cap.
  • Different manufacturers sometimes run smaller or bigger – not all wigs are exactly to size. Some brands are generally smaller, whilst others will accommodate larger heads quite easily. For example, Estetica brand wigs have good stretch in the cap, so are generally more comfortable on larger heads, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a large head to wear them – Kat at Wig Warrior has a petite/average sized head, and some Estetica caps fit her beautifully!

We currently sell four brands of wigs and toppers here at Wig Warrior. Below is a very basic guide to the cap size/stretch relative to each other in average sizes and how they fit, bearing in mind that there are always variations from style to style and cap to cap:

So, if you have a larger head for example, we would generally suggest that Estetica Designs or Jon Renau would likely probably you better than Belle Madame (in average sizing).

If you’re one of the 90% or so of ladies who fit into average wigs across the spectrum, you’re in luck – all three brands should fit you!

So… let’s go shopping!!