Inspiration for doing and giving more

Kat at the SA Business Conference in Gawler, SA (wearing Rachel by Jon Renau, in Toffee Truffle). A great day!

What a day! Went to the SA Business Conference today, and wow, such amazing speakers! It was super inspirational. Sometimes, going to events like conferences can be a bit of a lottery; if it’s done well, it’s great, but if it’s done poorly, it can be a real waste of time. Thankfully, this one was the former, and the five key speakers were all brilliant. They looked at five different areas – Small Business inspirations, visual merchandising, marketing basics, customer service, and managing stress and adversity. Each one was a leader in their field, and each was really engaging. Whilst not everything they talked about was relevant to me directly, I found there was something in each of their messages that really resonated.

One of the best was the last – Derrick McManus, former police officer here in South Australia, who was shot 14 times in a siege in the 90’s and lived, through all the odds. He lay in the dirt for three hours waiting for help, slowly bleeding to death, and now gives talks to others to inspire them to take control of their lives and make positive changes. Talk about an inspirational story. He spoke about resilience, and durability, and how to manage difficult situations. Kind of puts your own problems into perspective when you hear someone like him talk about his adversity, though!

You know you’re in the right place when you’re making lots of great notes – that was today! I feel so inspired now! Best thing is it really got me reflecting on why I started this business in the first place. I knew, in starting Wig Warrior, that I wanted to help people like me make good helper hair choices. That’s always been by driving goal, and it really helped today to be reminded of that. No matter what a business does, you need to keep the inspiration at the forefront of your mind. I want everyone who comes to Wig Warrior to feel safe to be themselves, and know that who they are is amazing! If you come to Wig Warrior and find something you’re looking for, that’s great, but if you come here and leave feeling good about you, that’s just as awesome!

I hope to be here, giving women the best service and help to make great hair choices for many years to come!