Here at Wig Warrior we believe in being ethically and environmentally responsible wherever we can be; after all, we only have one world, and we are all in this together! Below are some of the ways we are trying to make our footprint, and our actions, responsible and thoughtful.

Delivery Packaging

We send our products either in recyclable cardboard boxes make from sustainable resources, or in 100% compostable bags from Hero. Put the box in your recycling bin, or put the bag in your compost bin, knowing that both options are completely biodegradable, and will not create any long lasting landfill problems. Thumbs up!

We also use compostable tape and sticky tape on our packaging to allow you to dispose of the package ‘thoughtfully’!

Internal Packaging

While our wonderful wig and hairpiece suppliers send most of their products in renewable materials, some of our accessories are in plastics. To minimise the use of plastics, we do not place our internally boxed/bagged items in additional plastics; instead, where possible, we use paper or cellulose products from sustainable sources which are completely recyclable or compostable.

One example is our substitute for bubble wrap. Instead of traditional plastic bubble wrap, we use Geami GreenWrap (pictured), which is made completely from paper, and takes up a fraction of the space of bubble wrap, while at the same time provides superior cushioning protection for products in a completely recyclable and degradable product.

We also use GreenPac Environmental Fill for our boxed products. GreenPac beans are packing fill that is biodegradable and water dissolvable, meaning it does not create landfill – it can easily be broken down and completely eliminated.

Finally, almost all of our bagged accessories items are packaged in cellulose bags from NatureFlex. These heat sealed bags are 100% biodegradable, and made from renewable resources. They will break down completely, leaving no rubbish in landfill. You can’t get better than that!

A woman having her head shaved for her hair in India (source: Guardian News)

Synthetic vs Human Hair

When we first started Wig Warrior, we only sold Synthetic and Heat Friendly fibres. This was because we wanted to be sure that any human hair products were ethically sourced and created. We now offer Remi Human Hair products from Estetica Designs after a long process of working with Estetica to be sure that their approach to the very important issue of exploitation of women for their hair is being addressed.

We are now also working with Jon Renau and Belle Madame to include their ethically sourced and created human hair products in the future.

It’s taken time, but we are keen to make sure that when you wear human hair, it is not at the expense of our sisters around the world. Please, when you purchase human hair, think about where it comes from, and whether you are purchasing from reputable suppliers who do not exploit women in difficult circumstances to provide you with a product.

But What About Synthetic Hair and Waste?

Good question! We are very conscious of the fact that synthetic wigs, like any synthetic product, are difficult to dispose of, but with this in mind we have some ways we can minimise our footprint.


We have been communicating with recycling firms regarding the recycling of wigs and wig products, and while this is possible in the US, at present it is not a service available in Australia. Don’t give up, though! We are working on it, and we would encourage you, when you have the opportunity, to advocate for this service from any recycling firms you may have dealings with. The more we pressure for this service, the faster we will get it!


Do you have older wigs that are in really good condition, but which you don’t like anymore? Did you buy something that was the wrong style, or which you never wear? If so, have you thought about donating them? There are many wig libraries around Australia who would love to receive good quality, well cared for, pre loved wigs for their clients who can’t afford a new option. We hope to put together a resource of donation points soon, so stay tuned to this page for more details!