Are you looking for the very best? Here you will find the highest quality synthetic wigs and hairpieces, from Dening in Germany, exclusive to Wig Warrior in Australia! These gorgeous styles are available in a wide range of colours and styles, suitable for every age range and occasion. Enjoy Belle Madame, just for you!

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    Amanda Mono SF


    Anastasia Long RH


    Anastasia RH


    Angelina Mono SF


    Anouk SF


    Arabella RH


    Aurelia SF


    Babette SF


    Carlotta SF


    Coco Mono SF


    Diamond Long SF


    Diamond SF


    Ebba Medium SF


    Evita RH


    Gina SF


    Gina SF Large


    Giselle RH


    Ilona Large SF


    Ilona Mono SF


    Isabella Mono SF


    Jenny Mono SF


    Jette Mono SF


    Jill Mono SF


    Kate Mono SF