Choices, Choices!!

It’s one of the first choices you will make when looking for a new wig, so to help we’ve made some lists of pros and cons for each – synthetic, heat friendly, human hair and blended hair – to help you better inform yourself. Each has positives and negatives in terms of styling, care, maintenance and appearance, so it’s a very personal decision. Hopefully these charts will help!

Traditional Synthetic Hair

Synthetic Hair Pros
Minimal maintenance
Less financial investment
Colour stays as you initially chose
Style memory - no need to fix each time
Much cheaper than Human Hair, and can look just as natural
Synthetic Hair Cons
Style is permanent, even after washing
Colour cannot be altered if you get tired of it
Can be warmer than human hair wigs
Typically a synthetic wig will last approx 2 - 6 months with regular wear.

Heat Friendly Hair

Heat Friendly Hair Pros
Natural texture, soft and silky
Less shine than regular synthetics, especially on blonde/light colours
Permanent colour
Multiple styling options - can easily be styled with heat tools
Much cheaper than Human Hair, and can look just as natural
Heat Friendly Hair Cons
Can tangle easier, especially in longer styles, due to friction.
Permanent Colour cannot be altered
Can be warmer than human hair wigs
Requires more maintenance than traditional synthetic fibres
Typically a heat friendly wig will last approx 1 - 6 months with regular wear, depending on care and length.

Human Hair

Human Hair Pros
Most natural look and feel
Unlimited styling options
Can be cooler to wear than synthetic fibre wigs
A high quality human hair wig can last years
Human Hair Cons
Ethical considerations - where did that hair come from?
Significant financial investment - they are far more expensive than synthetics and heat friendly wigs (we're talking thousands $$)
Reacts to the environment (hashtag badhairday!)
Requires specific care products
Requires styling - doesn't keep its style memory

Platinum Blended Human/Heat Friendly Hair

Blended Hair Pros
Natural look and feel
Can be styled easily with heat tools
Can be cooler to wear than synthetic fibre wigs
Lasts longer than just synthetics alone
Natural look of human hair without the price tag
Blended Hair Cons
Ethical considerations of the human hair in a blend
More expensive than synthetics or heat friendly fibres alone
Can react to humidity in the air
Requires careful choice of style products (only silicone free)
Requires styling - doesn't keep its style memory

It’s a personal choice, and we’re here to support you!

We here at Wig Warrior are huge fans of Synthetic and Heat Friendly Hair. We love it because it looks just like the real thing, and is considerably cheaper than human hair options. We want to bring you the styles and brands that are high quality, but without the super high price tags, so if you’re on a budget but still want to look fabulous, we’ve got you covered!

We also are fans of blended hair, which is why we are the exclusive Australian suppliers of Belle Madame’s stunning Platinum Line. Blended from high quality remi human hair and heat friendly fibres, it offers the best of both worlds, without the price tag of pure human hair alone. If you’re looking to transition to human hair from synthetic, or you’re on a tighter budget and want to experience the pure delight of human hair without the expense, Platinum ticks all the right boxes!

With human hair, we are familiar with some of the questionable practices of human hair acquisition by independent agents in the third world, and because of this we have worked hard to ensure that any products we offer made from human hair are ethically sourced and created. With this in mind we have now added several brands to our range, including :

  • Estetica Designs ranges of ‘Luxuria’ and ‘Hair Dynasty’,
  • Jon Renau Smart Lace Human Hair Collection of Remi pieces, and
  • Belle Madame’s range of Remi Pieces, as well as their amazing Rapunzel range, made from the very best European donated raw hair.

We are happy with these company’s ethical practices in wig production, and we hope that all Wig Warriors, whether they choose to buy from us or not, will think about hair origin and practices of collection when purchasing a wig or topper.

Like anything else, it’s a very personal choice. You may like one over the other, or you may choose to have more than one wig and pick one or more style from each fibre group, it’s entirely up to you!