A great question! We often assume that people know exactly what a wig is, but it can mean different things to different people, so we will try to clarify it here.

A wig, according to the Cambridge English Dictionary, is

‘A covering of artificial hair worn on the head to hide a loss of hair or to cover your own hair’.

Sounds good, yeah? But that’s not all there is to a wig. Some wigs are artificial, some are made of human hair; some wear them to cover loss or own hair, while judges and QC lawyers, for example, can wear wigs when they work in a court room (at least in this country).

For the sake of argument, let’s make our definition of a wig simply as ‘helper hair’. A wig covers your head, and helps you for whatever reason, be it for medical reasons, or fashion reasons, or personal or professional reasons. All of these are legitimate, all of these needs are met in different ways.

Here, our main focus is for ladies who wear helper hair for medical reasons, which is why our wigs are high quality, medical grade models. If you want it to look natural, these are the wigs you want!