Shopping online can be a challenge at times, and particularly when buying a wig or a topper. One of the  hardest things to do is find the right colour. Sometimes the swatches you saw on a website don’t seem to look the same as the wig colour when it comes to your post box; other times the colour may not have been reflected in the name of the colour, leading you astray.

Another consideration is lighting; are you looking at the colour on a video which has an abundance of warm light, or cool light? Does natural light make the colour change? What about make up or clothing choices with the colour?

It’s really important to think carefully about colour when you make your choices. All wig brands blend colours slightly differently, meaning the same name in one brand may be vastly different to the same name in another brand.


  1. Get to know your codes.

Wig and topper colours are often blended with a reasonably standardised palette of colours which are identifiable by number. Whilst each manufacturer’s number might be a little different, they are a good way to get a feel for the colours that are present within a style.

Remember these are just a guide – manufacturers can have alterations within codes – so always look at colours with an open mind!

1- Jet Black
1B - Natural / Off Black
2 - Darkest Brown
4 - Medium - Dark brown
6 - Medium Chestnut Brown
8 - Light Chestnut Brown
10 - Medium Golden Brown
12 - Light Golden Brown
15 - Honey Gold Brown
20 - Iced Mocha (light brown/blonde)
14 - Medium Ash Blonde
16 - Honey Blonde
17 - Medium Ash Blonde
18 - Dark Ash Blonde
19 - Strawberry Blonde Light
22 - Champagne Blonde
24/26 - Golden Blonde
44 - Dark Brown with Grey
48 - Light Brown with Grey
51 - Grey with Dark Brown
54 - White Blonde Grey
56 - Grey with Brown (blended)
59 - Silver Grey
60 - Pure White Silver
101 - Platinum
102 - Pearl Platinum Blonde
104 - 'Chardonnay' White Blonde
124 - Bright Warm Blonde (Light)
613 - French Vanilla Blonde
27 - Strawberry Blonde (Medium) / Auburn (Light/Peachy)
28 - Ginger Tea / Irish Red
30 - Light Auburn
30A - Red tone ginger - vibrant
130 - Copper Red
144 - Vibrant Ginger Red
31 - Burgundy Auburn
32 - Cherry Tone
33 - Dark Auburn
35 - Mahogany Red
118 - Wine Tone Red
131 - Burgundy
2. Get to know the blend/style colour codes

Sometimes you will see letters in the colour codes. This may relate to the colour itself, but will often related to the way the overall shade is presented. Here’s some common codes you will come across in wig and hairpiece colours:

  • B - Blended
  • BT - Blended and Tipped
  • BR - Blended and Rooted
  • CH - Chunky Highlights
  • FS - Frosted Shade Highlights
  • GR - Gradient (Dark roots, light tips)
  • H or HL - Highlighted
  • HH - Human Hair
  • M - the same as "B" - blended
  • MB - Mixed and Blended
  • R- Rooted
  • RH - Rooted with Highlights
  • S - Shaded
  • T - Tipped (colour mix on top, with tip different)

What are Rooted Colours?

Colours with darker or different shaded roots are quite commonly found in most wig brands. They can present the image of realistic regrowth, and also allow wig wearers to easily blend their own hair and skin colourings to the wig (for example, a rooted colour may make it possible for a natural brunette to wear a blonde which has darker roots, to match their eyebrows). Darker roots can also hide permatease, which is often used to give volume in open capped and cheaper wigs.

Some brands also offer ‘Long Roots’ (often indicated by a code such as ‘LR’ or something similar in the colour name). This usually means that the rooting on that style is longer than the average roots in their styles, so make sure you read the names and colour codes carefully to get what you’re after!

What about other variations?

Wigs, like bio hair, can have an endless array of variance. Highlights, tips that are different colours, blended colours and gradients (often called Ombre colours) are all found in a variety of brands and styles. By using the above code guide, and checking the link to see the colours you’re interested in from each supplier, you will be able to make better sense of what is being described and how it will look in  your chosen style.

3. Search the web/youtube for examples and reviews.

Many customers, like you, have found choosing colours a challenge, that’s why we (and others) are keen to present colours and styles to our customers on the web. Search Youtube for your colour of interest, either by code or by name (or both). Make sure your search includes the brand, as all brands vary. You will likely find several reviews on your colour, giving you a better idea of what to expect when you open your parcel.

We offer a playlist of colour reviews which we are adding to regularly, so make sure you check our our Youtube channel at WigWarrior, and subscribe to catch all the latest videos as they are releases!

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