Proper care and maintenance of your wig or hairpiece includes proper storage. Everybody stores their ‘girls’ differently – some put them on stands, some in boxes, some in bags – in the end it’s up to you, but we have presented a few options below as food for thought.

Wig Stands


One of the most common storage methods for wigs is on a stand. There are various styles available, the most common being the plastic portable stands in the picture shown at left. There are also other stands, including more minimal metal stands, and of course the mannequin head (at right), with other ranges in between.

The positives of these are that the wigs are on display, ready to go at a moment’s notice. You can see what’s there, and pick it up straight away. It’s also beneficial that they are out of a box, because longer term storage in boxes can affect the lay of the wig on your head (though this will settle down after a bit of wear and the wig readjusts to your head again).

Stands can take up space, but if you’ve got some around your house, you may choose to make a ‘wig stall’ to keep your beauties ready to go.


Wig Hangers

Got spare wardrobe space? How about a wig hanger? These are often used to wash wigs (we use them for that!), but if you’ve got a big wardrobe, or a spare room robe, or somewhere else to hang your wigs, this can be a great option. Like their pink cousin above, these are also portable, and can be taken apart at a moment’s notice, allowing you take it on holidays and keep your wig looking great!


In a Box or Bag

If space is at a premium, how about just keeping your beauties in the box they came in? You can stack your boxes in a shelf with the labels out so you can see what is what, and throw it on when you please! If you do store in boxes, just make sure you are careful about how the wig lays, because prolonged box storage can create a bit of a ‘box hair’ look, which will take a little while to settle when you get your girl out to wear.

You can also store your wigs in plastic bags, especially the zip lock ones. This is great if you have many and want to store them, for example, in one big box (the Kardashians spring to mind!). If you label them carefully, you can find them quickly and throw them on. Also, being packaged in plastic protects them from the elements, though they may have the same problems as ‘box hair’ if they have been roughly handled or not carefully placed in the storage area to start with. Also, the great enemy of the heat friendly wig – friction – may be increased by putting your wigs in plastic, so bear that in mind.

Your own creative solution!

Are you a bit handy? Have a partner, relative or friend who can throw together a ‘custom made’ wig stand for you? Be creative and see what you can come up with! The internet is filled with images of wig wearers who have gone above and beyond to create storage solutions for their wigs and toppers, and really, you are only limited to your imagination!

Some Tips

  • Don't store wigs in the bathroom - the steam may affect the style in the long term.
  • Keep away from kids and pets - you don't want your cat deciding that your new $500 wig would be a good place to have a snooze.
  • Access considerations - if you're wearing your wigs regularly, think about ease of access. Storing them in the attic when you have to get to them every day could be difficult!
  • Rough edges and surfaces - if you're making something, make sure the edges and surfaces are clean and smooth. You don't want to damage your lace front on a rough edged surface!
  • How much space vs how many wigs - before you buy 20 wigs, think about where they will go and how you will store them. Choice is great, but you want to make sure they are cared for!