Sometimes we can be a bit hesitant about styling our wigs and toppers, but there’s no need to be! Helper hair can be put up, left down, styled messy or smooth, beefed up with body… you name it! As long as you use the appropriate products, the sky is the limit, so don’t be shy! Get in there and style away!

Here’s a few tips to help you along the way.

Styling Tips for Traditional Synthetic Wigs

  • Do not use dry heat – no curling irons or blow dryers allowed! Steamers can be used on Synthetic wigs, but beware, as incorrect use of a steamer can damage lace and monofilament, and remove your curl or wave permanently! Yikes!
  • Do not stand close to an oven or bbq – beware when opening the oven door in particular as the sudden rush of heat can damage your wig and/or lace!
  • Styling is very easy with a synthetic wig – just use your fingertips or a wig brush and push it into place, or you can use combs or clips to your hearts desire! There are also products available, including  holding spray, if you want to go that extra styling mile.
  • Want that ‘big hair’ look? Backcomb the hair gently using a wig brush or comb, then smooth the surface hair over and apply a holding spray. Voila! You’re back in 1984!
  • Always brush or comb out your wig at the end of the day. Never leave it tangled. This will help it to keep its shape and style, and it will last a lot longer. Remember, care for your wig and it will care for you!

Styling Tips for Heat Friendly Fibres

  • Only use a wide tooth comb or friction free metal brush when styling or detangling hair, or you can use your fingers. Keep friction to a minimum!!
  • Only use care and styling products that are designed for synthetic wigs, or heat friendly wigs in particular.
  • If using heat tools, start at 130 – 140c. The specs of heat friendly wigs and toppers state that you can go up to a maximum of 170c, but we would strongly suggest you only do this if really necessary, and work up to it, don’t get there in one swoop.
  • Try air drying your wig rather than using a hairdryer – the fibres will last longer!
  • If your long heat friendly wig is fraying at the ends due to friction, try wearing it pinned up to prolong its life. The absence of friction on your collar or back will not cause as many tangling issues, and it just may give your wig more longevity!
  • If the wig is looking a little old and frazzled, you can use a steamer to put some new life into it. Beware, however, of curled or wavy wigs, as you could lose the curl pattern if you use a steamer in the wrong way or too much. Best to experiment with an older wig first, to see how you go.

Beware the lost curl!!

Remember that when you heat style a heat friendly synthetic wig, you will lose the original style the wig came with. This is very important with curly and wavy wigs. If you like the style as it is, don’t change it, as getting the wig back to the original style could be extremely difficult to achieve. Whatever you do to the wig, it will stay that way until you heat style it again – even washing it won’t make it go back to it’s original style – so beware!